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When I first meet the ISO standards, I heard mostly it was a lot of procedures, it was paperwork.

Companies were taking this path by force of tender or client. The number of companies that say that we have been certified for years with an employee's handling of the document work or with the guidance of a consultant who carries out the certification work is not less all over the world.

As we progress in business life, I have seen how standards are in our lives, and how companies grow. As I received the training of the standards, I witnessed that the work is not just about documents, but that every requirement is done with knowledge and experience.

Whether you are managing management systems, consulting or auditing in businesses, it is no secret to see that if the requirements of the standards are understood, every business will work more systematically.

The challenge for us is:

• Senior management saying whether there is a document or the rest is not important,

• It takes a long time for people who need to implement to understand the requirements,

• Those who understand sometimes refuse not to implement,

• Our excuses for not doing business likely in any job.

It should be said that there are many more reasons for experienced employees to list.

The management system actually offers us a way to turn a simple loop more easily. The main goal is to prevent organizations that are not dependent on the person and from being affected by person changes. The way to achieve this is through operating the system not only in document but also in practice. In other words, define the method according to the standard, do work according to what you document, keep accurate records and manage change when needed.

All over the world, there are not only ISO standards, but also standards set by countries, organizations or independent bodies and whose applicability is accepted all over the world. Acceptability in management systems has begun to be completely proportional to the reliability of the audit. Firms that are not properly audited and certified have shaken the trust in management systems and certification companies not only in our country, but all over the world.

Nevertheless, the fact that there are companies that can write their own standards and become Global by contributing to the standards published in the world will continue to be the promising and promising side. The situation changes if there is a system awareness in the senior management of companies that once applied for a document to be included in the supplier list of these global companies or institutions.

It is seen that the management system does not consist of documents and there is a shift towards certification companies that do business according to accreditation requirements. It should not be forgotten that in a competitive business world, the best audit is done by your competitor.

The first investment made by the companies that believe implementation of management systems is software created in this field. In the last 10 years, there has been a rapid change in this regard all over the world. Managing our business has become a fashion and necessity with the applications (apps) we have installed in our pockets and devices in every aspect of our lives. Now, our financial statements, trainings, films and business correspondence are at our disposal.

Although mobile applications are not used much in management systems yet, they will make your job easier in terms of speeding up and increasing efficiency. It is no longer impossible to do nonconformity follow-up on your mobile device instead of using software available on the web and excel, to actually evaluate the risk analysis in the field, and to tell the real situation with all transparency by taking photos and videos instead of long checklist and long documentations.

FDERD applications, prepared in two languages, are compatible with every device and offer you features that you can access only by your mail. The ability to view the data analysis on the device automatically without the need for a plus program will also be one of the conveniences provided by technology. We are just a click away for those who are looking for a way to put systems that are supposed to be documented into practice.

16.09.2020, by FATMA İNCEOĞLU

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