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The Grandmaster, Hayim Vali started his ISO 9001: 2008 LAC training, saying “If being loved is important to you, you are not in the right place”. He also memorialized my other master ISO 22000 LAC instructor Teslime Mahmutoğlu in the article "January 2 is my birthday". Even after all these years, I still haven’t forgotten about my many precious teachers and supervisors.

Being an auditor is about deep insight and being able to observe, analyze, explain and most importantly, know the standard, the sector and the people. I continue being one of the laborers in this sector, where I always say I should learn many things.

Auditing means reliability and sometimes protecting privacy and being silent, even if you know it.

The audit standard ISO 19011 is where the requirements of this work are written. Its last update was made in 2018. It starts with the standard audit principles and sets out detailed requirements for the management of audit programs, conducting the audit, auditor evaluation and competence.

The purpose of the audit is to provide continuous improvement. It is one of the common topics in all standards published in the world. The knowledge we have gained with experience that is not specified in the standards is improvements can be occurred when external audits are performed seriously. External audit should be one that ensures full independence and realistic result.

Now let's get to what we learned but wrong about the auditing:

"Don't audit" how did it become fashionable? Believe me, I did not understand either. I was one of those who felt that good observation should be applauded when I was outside of the audit sector. There may be those of you who agree with me on this matter. My mind changes as I see the policies of "Audit is done as much as you can make the client happy" are implemented.

As the organizations know the chance to work with the auditor they want, "loved" and "not loved" auditor issues are discussed in the sector. Demand generate supply, supply demand.

While some companies say "an experienced and knowledgeable person should audit us", there are also those who are looking for "inexperienced auditors who could not recognize what they see and do not write what they see."

He insistently requests the people concerned with the good sensations he receives and ensures that they are assigned to their audits.

What do you think people who cannot obtain a training certificate or companies that are not approved for the certification of the standard do?

Yes, I can hear all the answers. You say they are working again, being audited or getting training again, is it right?

Yes …..

Probably, with a few complaints, a group of "loved auditors" is not being formed in the market by preventing the right people from hiring for a job.

Why auditors are not loved and auditing has turned into a nightmare, is not known. There is only one thing well known,

"Audit it so that it gets better, write it down so that it does not overcovered."

Doyen Hayim Vali told the truth, right? I remember him with respect.

"ISO 19011 and auditor behavior" article coming soon

Written by Fatma Akkuş İnceoğlu, 24.12.2020

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