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​To manage Risk Analysis, Audit, documents and Corrective Action for effective system managing and auditing.

We used our applications on our services and you can try as a free our applications.

You can request some of special applications for you business. We have been manage our job more than 3 years with our designed applications.​

Easy, useful, qualified FDERD apps are updated.

BRC, IFS and FSSC (incl ISO 22000) checklists are available.

You can buy from stores or you can buy from our website as a web application.

You use with two step authorization from our web site platform. For more information, please contact us from all over world.

In order to use applications on browser please follow the steps:
1- Send membership request, 
2- Pay online to the yearly subscription except for Turkey. Offline payment can be done.
3- After payment approval, you can use it with your login account easily from any device.

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