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HACCP- Product Safety Risk Analysis Method

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How is Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment done in the Food, Chemicals, Cosmetic and Packaging Sector? We want everything we eat and drink to be safe, right? So, are there any solution tools in the industry to achieve this? Yes there is. The HACCP system is a system designed to identify hazards and take precautions so that our food and beverages, even all materials that touch them, do not harm us. It is a method that will ensure reliability when applied correctly and when it becomes widespread. Please continue to find out . We used FDERD mobile application that designed for risk management tool for Quality, Food, Environmental, Health safety, Fraud and IT security on case studies. Whatever your industry, your job will affect human and business chain. Risk management is very important process for business continuity and supplied things for consumers. You can learn risk management methodology with some examples. This training includes some HACCP examples for beverage, packaging and food supplements. We will share some valuable sources such as: guidelines to control Listeria- Pathogenic Vibrio species- viruses- parasites, examples, experiences on previous our HACCP study and real time data to conduct your HACCP plan with knowledge. This training includes some HACCP and product safety risk assessment examples for food- meat, H&L- cosmetic ingredient, packaging and food supplements.

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