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Hygiene Training for Employees

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This course is design to provide basic information to employees on GMP, Hygiene, Contamination, Allergen, Cleaning and Pest control. Train your employees on the basics of food safety including GMP, Hygiene, Allergen Management, Cleaning, Pest Control. Awareness and consciousness do not occur very quickly. Although we have basic knowledge of hygiene, there are many mistakes we know about personal, business and equipment hygiene. Employees hygiene training is must for whom working in hygienically sensitive food, packaging, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal materials. It has been designed with experience to contribute to the continuing education programs of enterprises at employee level. Improvements have been made based on the comments made to our training. A few notes about your learning experiences You can listen to trainings, whether you are a group or a person. You can rewind anywhere and You can take a break anywhere. If you want, you tell to your friends or give feedback to us from our website or message section. "Bacteria and viruses cannot be seen, and the vast majority of those who may cause disease do not reveal themselves with smell or color. Therefore, there is no need to test something that smells of flowing and dirty. After removing visible pollution, it is usually tested if there is any germ left. Searching for evidence of scientifically proven information in factory is a waste of time and money." Fatma İnceoğlu

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